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Adult Learners

iPad Apps for SEN – download a simple guide.

iPad Apps for SEN pupilsSearch through the Internet and you will find loads of advice about Apps that meet a whole range of personal, educational and business needs.  You can go on for ever exploring new Apps (I do it all the time!) and find you have a device full of Apps and you can’t remember which one you thought would be useful for what! It’s crazy!

Apps for people with Special Educational Needs is no exception except that with some Apps there is a huge cost attached. Of course the cost isn’t huge if an individual finds this is a great way of communicating with others and making his needs known – and we have to remember that some of these Apps can be vastly cheaper than the alternatives on the market.  You do also have to consider the cost in time of exploring some of the communication Apps can be great as you need to download and set up free versions to see if they are going to do what you want them to do.

Loads of Apps can be used by  people with Special Educational Needs and generic gains can be made in concentration. attention, memory, hand-eye coordination, literacy, numeracy etc. However, the challenge will be in finding the one that specifically meets a significant need for a particular individual and will support activities of daily living across a range of  life skills.

Here is my starter list of Apps to explore if you are working with individuals with Special Educational Needs.  You are welcome to download my chart and I would appreciate some feedback and additional suggested Apps.

Download the Simple guide now

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Seasons Greetings

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