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Social Media for Small Businesses

The iSE has facilitated a network for Women in Social Enterprise and it was the 2nd meeting today. What a fantastic group of enthusiastic and vibrant women! I was talking with them about the use of Social Media for small businesses and, although there were a lot of knowledgeable women there, I hope that there was something for everyone.

I hope to meet you all again soon!

Regular posts go out the window when……

FlipBoard AppI can’t believe that when I spend so much time spouting to customers about the importance of keeping websites fresh with a ‘dripping’ of new content that I have lagged behind with our own website!  Even with the strategies put in place to help timely posting, including  putting together a annual timetable of when to post, create timetable alerts, regularly collect useful and timely information etc., this just demonstrates how hard it can be to manage and maintain a website when people are busy running the business!

I do however, have no problems finding interesting and useful snippets to drip into Facebook ( or Twitter ( because I start my day with a good look through FlipBoard – a great App for the iPad which allows you to browse social content .  FlipBoard ‘renders select content in a beautiful, engaging layout on the iPad‘.

It’s a good way to start the day!

Seasons Greetings


Seasons Greetings

Six in ten businesses use social media

Six in ten small businesses use social media to market their goods and services.

That’s the result of the December Business Matters poll, in which 50 per cent of 99 respondents said they used social media as a matter of course, and a further 13 per cent of you said you use social media occasionally.’

Read more at the HSBC site

Social networking sites are a very good way of getting your brand out there, making new links and drawing in new prospects. But don’t go for overkill! There is nothing worse than being bombarded by too many messages on twitter or facebook and by doing this you are likely to get people to block you than follow you.

100 top tools for learning – 2010

What can you say in 140 characters?

The answer is probably quite a lot!

In a survey of learning professionals around the world Twitter was identified as the number one learning tool for the second year on the run.  Like it or love it – this micro blogging tool has far more uses than we give it credit for.  Yes……. it can be irritating when people

Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies

Read more at the Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies

constantly post useless comments about what time they got out of bed or what debauched things they got up to the night before, but it is a great tool for sharing knowledge, links, insights, photos, deadlines for learning activities and hints and tips to learners.  While lots of tweets are public – they don’t need to be so you can set up groups to include your learners, clients, users or people who are like-minded.

The list of 100 top learning tools can be found here.

Check it out – there may be some surprises and some interesting finds.

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