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Regular posts go out the window when……

FlipBoard AppI can’t believe that when I spend so much time spouting to customers about the importance of keeping websites fresh with a ‘dripping’ of new content that I have lagged behind with our own website!  Even with the strategies put in place to help timely posting, including  putting together a annual timetable of when to post, create timetable alerts, regularly collect useful and timely information etc., this just demonstrates how hard it can be to manage and maintain a website when people are busy running the business!

I do however, have no problems finding interesting and useful snippets to drip into Facebook ( or Twitter ( because I start my day with a good look through FlipBoard – a great App for the iPad which allows you to browse social content .  FlipBoard ‘renders select content in a beautiful, engaging layout on the iPad‘.

It’s a good way to start the day!

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Margaret Dilloway
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